Classy fine art photography for your workplace

11 August 2015
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If you are looking to bring a touch of class to your workplace, fine art photography can be a great way create a visually appealing environment. Here are some tips to finding the classiest photography for your workplace.

Thematic ties

When considering subject matter, finding ties to your type of business through interesting close-ups of your equipment or vintage shots of older practitioners of your type of work can be a classy way to show the changes and iterations of your business over time. It can be interesting for people to see your equipment from different angles - your restaurant patrons might love to see close-ups of specific kitchen equipment. For traditional cuisines, fine art photography of cooks making your style of food in traditional settings can add a feeling of authenticity to your restaurant.

Emotional bonds

When considering the style of photography, consider which types of emotions you are trying to evoke in your business. A funeral home will be aiming for fond remembrance and delicate sadness, whereas a paediatrician might be aiming for calming yet happy feeling in their interior design. When choosing your photography prints take a friend or client with you to get a second opinion - as the emotional message art sends can vary from person to person.

Colour schemes and frame design

When you choose your fine art photography, look for photography that works with the colour scheme of the waiting room. Sepia and black and white photos are often effective with any colour schemes.

Equally matching your frames to to the overall design aesthetic is a great idea - so if you have uber modern couches and tables you might choose photographs with cooler colours, sharp lines and shadows, and a 'frameless' style of mounting. On the other hand, an office with a great history and a vintage vibe might go for a richly textured frame with rich colours, with plenty of nuance and detail. 

No matter what style fits your business, you'll be sure to find fine art photography that not only matches your business but enhances the surroundings of your office. Great art helps to create a great first impression for customers as well as providing a calming and professional surrounding for your staff to work in. If you are considering buying some fine art photography for your workplace, why not head into a local art dealer, such as Christensen Fine Art, to discuss your requirements today.